Ryan and Samantha Engagement

Hi Friends- we are already another week through November, and I can't believe it! A few more weeks and we will be into December. I'm super excited for the holidays but I have enjoyed fall this year more than any year in recent memory. I've gotten to take photos of so many beautiful families, couples, and children and really gotten to know such great people! Yesterday I read a quote from photographer, Allister Ann, and it perfectly described my life as a photographer so far. "Bringing my camera out is like sitting across from someone over tea. It becomes a personal interaction, and at the end, hopefully I’ve gained a new friend from it."  This is the part of my job I love most and one that I expected the least. I knew I wanted to take pictures of great moments, but I never realized how incredible the relationships would be along the way. Recently, I did an engagement shoot with Ryan and Samantha, friends I met while at Evangel University. I think this has turned into one of my favorite fall sessions this season. The trees and lighting were just perfect for us. And, of course, Ryan and Samantha are just adorable together!

What did I tell you! Adorable couple, right??!! I am still wading through tons of photos from other sessions and will be showing you more soon! To return to the topic at the beginning of the blog, I want to give a serious thank you to all of you who have asked me to take your photos this year. It has been an honor, and I can't wait to dive in on next year!!