Snow Bunnies {Family Update}

I've been thinking about adding some "family update" style entries to the blog for a while now and today seems like the perfect day to start! While i'm feeling really ready for Spring, I couldn't help but be excited when I woke up to white, fluffy snow outside today. We haven't really gotten a snow yet this winter that was picture worthy. Mostly just brown slushy looking stuff, but this snow was beautiful! Not tons, but just enough to get some fun pictures with Rilla in her first "play in the snow" moments. Before we even got outside, she kept looking out the windows- I knew she would love to see it up close! We threw on her winter coat over her santa jammies (yes, we are still rocking Christmas jammies because by some miracle this pair just keeps fitting) and ran outside for a little fun!

So, that was our little morning in the snow! We tried to make it pretty quick in case Marilla got tired of it so the pictures with daddy are a little overexposed (mama's fault), but I'm thrilled that we got some memories of this little family morning! I hope you all get to spend some time with your loved ones today!