Marilla Turns One

So, somehow, our little tiny newborn baby is about to be a big one year old! What?? It doesn't seem at all possible, and I'm quite sure I'll be in denial about it for a while. An entire year with this girl and it's just flown by. Marilla has brought so much more to my life than I even knew to ask God for. She's smart and a total ham, loving and independent, head strong and more head strong. She's so much of Ben and myself, we don't even know how to take her all in sometimes. It's like little pieces of yourself waddling around everywhere. It's overwhelming at times to think that God gave us this beautiful little girl to mold and shape and love the best we know how. Anyways, now that you've already got me crying, let's talk about what inspired Marilla's mini photo shoot.

Rilla's first two words, "Dada" and "Mama," were pretty typical. Though she does sometimes say Mama as "MumMum", which I just love!! But next came "E.I.E.I.O." Rilla LOVES music; any kind, she loves it. So, we sing to her all the time. We sing Old MacDonald Had A Farm quite a bit, and so, she started singing E.I.E.I.O. pretty early. We decided, for her first birthday, we should do an animal farm party in honor of one of her favorite songs (with B.I.B.L.E. being a close second)! Being the photographer that I am, this obviously required a photo shoot so we could have pictures for her invitation. Now, let me tell you something about being the photographer for your own children- it's a terrible idea. Marilla is the worst client I've ever had. Seriously! Anytime I pull the big camera out to do extended shooting with her, it usually ends in tears. Her's or mine or both. I know it will get better as she gets older, but for now, she really doesn't understand why I have to be on one side of the camera and she has to be on the other. She'd much rather be in my lap than do any silly posing. ;) Thankfully, she has a Daddy who is willing to put on an entire circus show on the sidelines to try and entertain Rilla so Momma can snap a few shots. This venture didn't last very long, but it actually ended pretty well when she saw that we were giving her an entire mason jar full of milk to do with as she pleased! You'll see she rather enjoyed it!

So, without further ado, here are a few shots from Rilla's little farm girl session!

I'm so glad we were able to capture these moments. Marilla is growing up so much, so fast. It's exciting to watch her develop and guess who she will become as she grows, but I'm so thankful that I have these reminders of what she was like at this very moment in time. One year old Marilla Jean, here we come!!!