Krista {Senior}

Good afternoon everyone!! I'm really excited to share with you a few shots from a recent senior photo shoot. I have known Krista for several years now from church and the fact that she is graduating seriously makes me feel old. (I know I used to roll my eyes when people told me this- but it's true). This shoot was exciting because it was my first shoot to ever involve a horse! Krista's neighbors own an adorable horse ranch that Krista helps out at, and they were super nice and let us shoot on their property. I got to meet a beautiful horse, Kitty. You'll see her in some of the pictures. I did learn the hard way that you don't go to a horse ranch in flip flops- even if you are really pregnant and it's super hot outside. It's just not the best idea. :) Take a look at some of the moments we captured!

So, I forgot to mention that Krista is wearing long sleeves, jeans, and boots in seriously hot weather. I'm pretty sure I was melting by the time we got done, but she was all smiles the whole time. We really had a great time getting these photos, and I'm really proud to see how much Krista has grown. Please feel free to leave her some love notes on here!!

More sessions coming soon!