Hannah Jansen {Newborn}

Baby Hannah spent the first several weeks of her life in the NICU after being delivered early with some complications. This little girl and her family are so strong. As I watched their story unfold, my heart was breaking for Holly (Hannah's Momma), as I related so closely to her being the mother of a new baby myself. While sweet Hannah is doing well now and Holly and Billy are able to give positive updates on Hannah's progress, it made me stop and think how fragile life is. We go about our daily routine and often never stop to breathe in moments with our children that will never exist again. I feel like my baby was born yesterday, but somehow she's 6 months old, rolling everywhere wishing she could crawl, eating solid foods like a champ, and taking her first sips of a sippy cup with her own two hands. I remember when those hands were tiny and could only hold my pinky finger. I want to savor every moment and thank God for each day of this life that he has given me. I want to live purposefully and mindfully aware of the blessing all around me.

It was with some of those thoughts in mind that i approached Hannah's session. I wanted to help capture, for the Jansens, some of the beautiful details of baby Hannah before she's all grown up. ❤️

Baby Hannah you are so loved and such a beautiful little miracle!